Essentia of Prima Pietra

Essentia of Prima Pietra represents an extraordinary opportunity for wine lovers to fully immerse themselves in the art of winemaking. Through three stages you will be able to explore not only food and wine pairing, but also the fragrances that refer to the characteristic smells of wine.

At 7:30 p.m. you will be welcomed into the heart of Tenuta Prima Pietra’s vineyard. Here you can immerse yourself in the viticultural atmosphere, creating a deep connection with the territory. The wine paired is an elegant Chardonnay 2022, with its fruity notes and slight acidity enhancing the flavor of a delicious appetizer. Matching fragrances accompany this wine.
Next we will move to the wine cellar. The place where our wines rest in oak barrels. Here the intense aroma of wood creates an enveloping sensation. You will be invited to discover the secrets of wine aging by taking a closer look at the barrels. At this stage, a robust Prima Pietra 2013 will join the matching fragrances and dish, creating a perfect harmony of complex flavors.

To conclude this unique wine experience celebrating the art of wine in the setting of Prima Pietra: the tasting room. An elegant setting where you can immerse yourself in the tasting of our Prima Pietra 2019. A unique aromatic bouquet. Each sip accompanied by a main course will reveal flavors and complex notes.
The event is held in collaboration with M&CO. and Source Adage.