Tenuta Prima Pietra

A Love Story

“I always felt this profound desire to enter the wine world. For Tuscans, it’s a love that runs through your veins, viscous like blood.

In 2002 I visited the area of the Tuscan coast famous for its fine wines in search of the perfect place to craft my very own blend. I found it near Riparbella, on the highest hill along the coast, because the greatest wines come from great heights.

Elegance, attention to detail and quality, refined simplicity and a love of the land are the hallmarks of Prima Pietra, and pair with my sense of style too.”

Massimo Ferragamo

Massimo Ferragamo Firma
Prima Pietra Una Storia di Passione
Prima Pietra Rosso

Prima Pietra

Prima Pietra embodies Complexity and Elegance, the highest expression of the potential of the terroir.

The altitude of the vineyard always instills great freshness and depth in the wine.

James Suckling

La Tenuta

The Spectacular Tuscan Coast

Riparbella sits a few kilometers from the sea, on the southern slopes of Poggio di Nocola. Mediterranean shrubs, fine vineyards and lush olive trees set the luscious scene.